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Family bodegas Vinotage - grandpa

Vinotage is a group of smaller family bodegas. Obviously many things have innovated within the years, but the principles of making wine have stayed the same. It all starts with the selection of the grapes. Two-third of the grapes are cut away to give the remaining ones all strength of the vine. Hereafter the grapes are handpicked and hand-selected before pressing. The harvest can be pressed within a few hours because the vineyards are situated around the wineries. Therefore, oxidation is practically eliminated and no sulphites need to be added. The filtration of the wine happens naturally, although the process is 40 times slower and costlier than a chemical process. The result is pure wines without off-flavours! Wood maturation takes mostly place on French oak of the highest medium toast standard. The wines can age easily 12 to 24 months without gaining an excessive taste of wood, the fruity tones still predominate. Each grape variety is aged separately to control its evolution, eventual blending happens after fermentation. Even rosé and white wines are produced this way, which creates a completely new experience. The exceptional results are shown during tasting; powerful, fruity, but refined wines.

The strength of Vinotage’s wineries are its excellent vines, of which some of them are over 150 years old. Besides that, the bodegas are situated at more than 900 meters above sea level. Because of the 20 degrees temperature drop down at night the ripening is longer and more balanced. The dry climate with few fungi like botrytis and mildew helps producing natural wines which are practically free of sulphites but rich in antioxidants.

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Map Spain_Bodegas Vinotage

Lagar de Besada Bodegas Meler Sonsierra Diez Siglos Arrocal Martinez Saez Pago Casa del Blanco Haro/Vinos Quixote Gandesa Planas Albareda

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