Harvest News!

Harvest news!

The wine harvest has started again!  Here are some nice snapshots of the wine harvest at some of our wineries:

As you can see on the photo on the left, the Chardonnay grapes of bodegas Meler have reached the perfect ripeness. The harvest has begun! This means very long days and very short night sfor Ana Meler, luckily Ana always does her work with a smile on her face.





Bodegas Lagar de Besada has all supplies ready to start de harvest. Requirements: bucket, crate and the right tools.

On day 1, Lagar de Besada picked already over 3000 kg of grapes. This promises to be a great harvest!



The long days and short nights have also begun for Bodegas Palestra. At this photo you can see how the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are pressed at 04.00 a.m. 




At Pago Casa del Blanco the Syrah grapes are already pressed. At the photo on the right you can see the grape remains.  Meanwhile, the most of this grapes has started with the first alcoholic fermentation.