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Bodegas Gandesa| D.O. Terra Alta

Bodegas Gandesa is based in the characteristic village Gandesa. This winery was founded in 1918 by a group of wine farmers and is situated in an modernistic building from the architect Cèsar Martinell. Thanks to its beautiful architecture Bodegas Gandesa was in 2007 chosen as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Catalonia’ .

Terra Alta is situated in the most southern point of Catalonia, bordering Valencia and Aragon. Wine is produced in this area for centuries. It is located 350 meters above sea-level and is dominated by an Mediterranean climate with a little rain and a constant presence of wind. The freezing cold in the winters and the extreme highly temperatures in summer are perfect for the production and preparation of exceptional wines.

Bodegas Gandesa is working with the local grapes:  “Garnacha” and “Cariñena”. The number of different terroirs they are working with within one single wine plot is Unique and provides full of characteristic white Garnacha grapes.

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